Chicagoland Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Membership Meetings

Roundtable Education

The CAGCS monthly meetings are centered on the tradition of sharing information and the roundtable method has proven itself over the course of time. We learn from one another. While our Education Chairman is not discouraged from securing outside speakers, it should be affirmed that the roundtable discussion is unique to our association, and there is no compelling reason to depart from it for a passive "sit and listen" method of education that is already abundantly offered by our allied associations. 

Topics may be chosen to discuss beforehand however in true roundtable fashion, attendees are free to discuss any topic that needs addressing. Attendees are encouraged to participate in these often lively and thought-provoking discussions.

Annual Forum

The Annual Forum provides a full-day of education, often with outside speakers and members alike where topics can be explored in greater detail. Superintendent guests are welcome to attend the Forum.

Shop Tour

An annual event held after each New Year in January or February, members and guests will visit maintenance facilities and see inside operations.

Founder’s Cup

The CAGCS has made the Founder’s Cup an opportunity for golf course superintendents to build relationships with key officials at their golf clubs and courses. This event offers a platform for club/course officials to get to know superintendents and the profession while playing a top-rated course in Chicagoland. This event is held every other year. 

48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Members are responsible for any fees or charges within 48 hours of an event starting time that they have registered to attend (in part or whole).   If a member cancels prior to 48 hours of the event starting, he or she shall not be responsible for any registration fees. If a member cancels within 48 hours of an event start time, they shall be responsible for all fees.

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